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Expedition members are "Two Wheels tutors" in Latvian schools supplying the geography classes with new, original, and colourful contents.

Motorcycle expedition “2 Wheels 2 Continents”

Final chapter of the 2 Wheels expedition trilogy- “2 Wheels 2 Continents”, will start on February, 2018. Happening from February to November, it is going to lead from Melbourne, Australia back to Riga, with a finish no later than November 18th, to honour the month of Latvian independence. That way motorcyclists want to give a symbolic gift for Latvia’s 100th birthday.

The core of expedition consists of Mārtiņš Sils, who is a member of previous 2 Wheels expeditions, and two more experienced motorcyclists Juris Pūce and Ģirts Vilnis. There is a chance for other motorcycle enthusiasts, who think they can bring a positive vibe to the expedition, to join it by becoming a part of the team.

This time will be no different than before –during the expedition motorcyclists will work as 2 Wheels Tutors. After its foundation two years ago (with the start of “2 Wheels 2 Capes” expedition), this non – formal education initiative has managed to grow and attract more and more attention and wish to participate from Latvian students. Chance to lead expeditions remotely has been used by many students from all around the country. The student quiz competition regarding “2 Wheels 2 Continents” expedition will be announced on September 1st, 2017.

At the time of the expedition, those interested, will be able to read a blog from motorcyclists, as well as regular articles in news portal Delfi.lv section “Tourism Guide” and posts in social networks about everyday happenings and adventures. Motorcyclists themselves are going to make a video material during the whole expedition, that later on will be turned into a 10 – episode documentary. Whereas the photo material has a potential to later become an exhibition, as it has already happened with the best photos from “2 Wheels 2 Capes” expedition. This exhibition can still be seen in different cities in Latvia. It has also been confirmed that 2 Wheels Tutors will continue the cooperation with TV show “Smart and the smartest” (“Gudrs vēl gudrāks”)- Tutors will create video questions from the expedition for contestants.


Mārtiņš Sils

Entrepreneur and world traveler, creator of technology enterprises and organizer of motorsport, Brother of the Wind since the beginnings of Latvian moto clubs in the 90s, the creator of adventure club «apPasaule» and 2 Wheels tutor’s movement.
Adventurer in the word’s truest sense, while also a committed father of four. Considers motorcycle’s to be his best companion on long routes, as well as short trips.
By looking at his biggest adventures, we see two full trips around the world, a number of other organized large-scale moto expeditions, the conquest of mountain peaks of up to 6300m, the creation of movies, photo exhibitions and a book to summarize the adventures.
Even though he has traveled through more than 100 countries on almost all of the continents, Mārtiņš is always excited to promote adventuring to the younger generations, by considering the added value such experiences would provide to the Latvian society, with the greatest emphasis on the worldviews of the youth still in schools.
As for his friends in Latvia, and kindred spirits from around the world, they are always welcome in Pārdaugava, in his small hotel TwoWheels and its cozy pub, Dēkainis.

Juris Pūce

The management of several technology businesses and their development around the world has not dampened the soul of a traveler and an adventurer.
By combining the need to travel for work and relaxation, Juris has to change his passport every few years, to allow place for new stamps and visas.
Juris gladly takes part in trips that operate on gas or diesel. In the last ten years, he has completed bike trips in Southern Europe and the jungles of Laos, all the while exploring parts of Russia and Georgia with jeeps.

Ģirts Vilnis

A professional explosionist for more than 25 years, and a moto instructor for 10 years, works every day in both fields.
In 1979, he sat on a motorized bike for the first time.
Since then, he has driven motorcycles around almost all of Latvia, Europe, and several thousand miles around Southern and Northern America’s.
Participated in adventure club «apPasaule» adventure competitions.



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