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2 Wheels 2 Continents

Motorcycle Expedition
“2 Wheels 2 Continents”

Final chapter of the 2 Wheels expedition trilogy- “2 Wheels 2 Continents”, will start on February, 2018. Happening from February to November, it is going to lead from Melbourne, Australia back to Riga, with a finish no later than November 18th, to honour the month of Latvian independence. That way motorcyclists want to give a symbolic gift for Latvia’s 100th birthday.


Motoadventure club apPasaule

The Motorcycle Adventure Club "apPasaule" - "Around the World" - is a group of likeminded individuals that value independence, sports, traveling, and adventure. The Club promotes environmentally friendly motorcycle travel, motorsports and recreation in Latvia and abroad.


The Club promotes and organizes motorcycle trips and expeditions, sustains an online forum of likeminded travelers (www.appasaule.lv), and organizes events for recreation, and therewith contributing to a healthy lifestyle. An important part of the Club's mission is the involvement of youth in motorsports and motorcycle travel, and to support veterans of motor-adventures leaving no one behind.


In 2007/08 "apPasaule"’s current president Martinš Sils led a half-year long expedition around the globe. The experiences and impressions from this adventure were recorded in the documentary "Around the World in 180 Days" screened in Latvian National TV in October 2008.


Furthermore in 2009 the Club undertook a motor-expedition around the Karpati Mountains. The trip was captured in three episode TV series. Another expedition took place in 2009/10 when three motorcyclist from Latvia traveled 30 000 km across the Arab Peninsula and returning home via Iran and Caucasus countries.


Since 2005 the Club organizes a series of regular motor adventure races. In 2007 these races were categorized by the Latvian Federation of Motorsports as the National Championship. Annually, the National Champion is determined by the sum of results from four races.


Further, the club has its own motor-race team who takes part in motorsports competitions such as Enduro, Endurocross, and Moto-Adventure Race across the country.



Learn more at www.appasaule.lv!

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